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    Understood. Glad you can live with it. I certainly do not share your views, but that is neither here nor there. It is nuncupatory, in fact :-) I just try, as Administrator, to keep the general mood of this forum, which is, as you say, in a lighter vein... 
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    Dan Gunter

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    Hi, Knygathin--

    David Pierce let me know that my name had come up at the JVMB.

    Thanks for your inquiry. I'm doing well. I'm busy with work, my beautiful new daughter (now 18 months old), lots of reading, and writing. I haven't read any Vance or, for that matter, SF/fantasy for a number of years now. I've been focusing mainly on the Greek and Roman classics (in translation, sadly: I have very little Latin and no Greek) and Tudor/Stuart drama (Shakespeare and his near-contemporaries). These two reading projects started almost by accident or drift--but the more I've read, the more hooked I've become.

    I've also pursued a number of writing projects during the past few years--mainly a couple of sonnet groups (not really sequences) and a couple of verse dramas. At this time, I'm working on a group of sonnets that are sort of fractured myths: I take figures from Greek myth and change their stories. For example, I'm currently working on sonnets revolving around Ixion and Nephele, whom Zeus fashioned from a cloud in the image of Hera. Ixion seduced Nephele, thinking that she was Hera. Then Ixion blabbed about this cloudy seduction--and for that he was punished by being bound to the fiery wheel in hell. I've written other poems imagining that Odysseus stays with Calypso; that Aeneas remains with Dido; that the Trojans buy off the Greeks, who leave Helen to grow old in Troy; that Achilles permits Hector to live; and so on.

    I've published a few of the sonnets, but there isn't much interest in formal poetry on topics little known to most people. So for the most part I get my kicks just from the writing, which allows me to explore what are, for me, interesting parts of the human mind.

    Back to work for me! Take care!

    Best regards,



    Reply from Knygathin:

    Hello Dan,

    That was very nice and interesting. I am glad to hear you are moving through a landscape of creativity. That is the way to live!